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Packaging Cases

Packaging Cases

  • Airborne packaging cases are specialized shipping containers used by the Department of Defence. The packaging cases are uniquely configured to support and protect its prescribed contents while being handled, stored, shipped to, and unpacked by the user; or to protect personnel and equipment from hazardous contents. Containers of this type frequently incorporate energy-absorbing systems, temperature control systems, or special features to make handling or shipment possible, easier, or safer. 


    Airborne packaging cases are designed for use with a specific item when general container specifications are not sufficiently detailed to assure required protection, safety, reliability, maintainability, or configuration control and are also reusable. The need for a specialized container may arise with any deliverable item and invariably does so with nuclear and conventional ammunition and explosives.


    This standard processes for the development of military packaging cases as distinct from commercial packaging. The processes, and materials, used for the preparation of packaging cases to protect the airborne stores during their carriage. In addition, the case material used is such that it gives protection against environmentally induced corrosion and deterioration, physical and mechanical damage, and other forms of degradation during storage, multiple handling, and shipment of material in the defence transportation system. During the qualification testing the equipment are tested in a packing box for its ruggedness with drop and toppling test. However, the focus is on evaluating the ruggedness of the equipment and even if the packaging box may get damaged to some extent during the test, adequate attention is not given since it has served the purpose of protecting the equipment. The containers are reusable. The details of reusability are explained in the subsequent paragraphs that follow.

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