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vega aviation about us


With pride, we present ourselves as a prominent Indian manufacturer and exporter of motorcycle helmets. Our esteemed brand, Vega has earned recognition worldwide. Furthermore, we are delighted to introduce our sister concern, Vega Aviation Products Private Limited, specializing in the manufacturing of FRP and Hightech composite products. We strive to deliver exceptional quality and innovation across our diverse product range.

vega aviation about us


We manufacture a variety of components for Aviation & Automobile Industries which are as per customer specifications and designs. Carbon fiber components – Aero Engine Covers transit stands with boxes, Dashboards etc. are manufactured for Automobile Industry and Kayaks are made out of fiber-reinforced plastic.

Fabrications of all types of heavy structures, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and frames are crafted out of Alloy steel and stainless steel. A wide range of processes are employed to produce a product to satisfy the customer's need and be economic and efficient.

Our Board Members

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